Sloppy Taco Palace

A unique local food experience in Orlando

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Chill and unwind after work

Our divey atmosphere is ideal for anyone, but we like to get to know our customers. We will remember your order, what drink you chose and your name, because our staff prides themselves on getting to know our customers. S.T.P. is the perfect lunch spot to grab something quick and maybe a shot on the side. You do not have to be regular to feel like one at The Sloppy Taco Palace.

We recommend going where the locals go because you know it is good, and you will be served a good time. Why else would people keep going there? S.T.P. is an excellent place to make bad decisions. But what happens at STP stays at STP. Please talk about your time with us and bring friends for lunch!

The whole vibe of our location is a place to chill and unwind after work. Disney employees hang out and have a bite of something spicy and wash it down with a bit of salt to keep things interesting. When the Universal crew shows up, you better watch out because that is when the place gets loud. And when the SeaWorld, Friday’s, Ale House and International Drive staffers arrive, it’s on! Locals who know locals can make lunch hours more fun than they should be. We want S.T.P. to be somewhere to let loose and enjoy a tasty meal with friends. The locals love us and our varied menu and drink selection. Every experience is different here.