About Us

bar at Sloppy Taco Palace

A Few Words About Us

The P.R.’s legend was replaced with The Sloppy Taco Palace. We strive to serve the best food to locals, tourists and industry workers in a fun, come, one come all, local atmosphere.

In 2006 P.R.’s Mexican Restaurant closed suddenly after 15 years of service to locals and industry workers, leaving a significant void in the Central Orlando area. Around the same time, an UnderGround Blues bar owner was vacating her Kirkman Road Location – our current S.T.P location –. Three individuals who had a vision to create a different type of place where one could come to relax and enjoy a good atmosphere with better service bringing you Sloppy Taco Palace (or to those who know) S.T. P. in 2007. We sold our first drink in July 2007 and have been serving drinks and slingin’ tacos ever since.

Fun Fact: After we opened our doors on July 11, 2007, we opened the doors every day until December 20, 2014, for our 1st ever employee Christmas party. A stretch of 2,731 days or seven years five months 21 days!

S.T.P. is where you go for a good time! We serve great food in a fantastic atmosphere for anyone to unwind after a long day of epic adventures with tourists or coworkers. Everyone is welcome, but locals will be locals. The conversation will be loud and new friends will be made.! S.T.P. is the place we want people to remember, as we will remember you. Our staff is unique as it is made up of hospitality workers from many other area bars and restaurants. You do not have to be a regular at S.T.P to feel like one around here. Everyone feels comfortable here and tends to return or refer to their friends. Once you hear about us, we will most likely see you again.

S.T.P is a perfect place to stop for a quick spicy bite and possibly a shot on the side!